Another State Invests Millions Into Aging-In-Place Program CAPABLE

This month, the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association (Colorado VNA) received a $2.3 million grant from the state to expand its CAPABLE program and to provide care for more Medicaid members.

CAPABLE is an interdisciplinary program from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing that combines nursing care, occupational therapy and handyman services. It stands for “Community Aging in Place — Advancing Better Living for Elders” and aims to prove that with modest investments and short-term interventions, aging adults can stay in their home longer while improving their quality of life.

“It’s very non-clinical in the sense that a clinician isn’t coming in with their knowledge and telling the older adult what to do,” Sarah Szanton, the dean of John Hopkins School of Nursing, told Home Health Care News. “It’s very much centered around what the older adult would like to be able to do in their home. Then the occupational therapist and the nurse will use their experience to help the person brainstorm strategies for doing it.”

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