Beryl Institute’s ELEVATEPX Celebrates Patient Experience Week

  • Conference introduces Transform Healthcare concept

Last week the Beryl Institute held its annual patient experience conference, ELEVATE PX, in conjunction with global patient experience week, bringing together voices from across the world to discuss elevating the human experience across the healthcare continuum. As a board member of the Patient Experience Institute (PXI), I was invited to attend the conference representing the home care communities. What I was struck by most early on in the conference was both the sheer number of individuals and organizations committing themselves towards the care experience and engaging with one another around innovative solutions and idea sharing; but also, the incredible increase in the number of individuals attending from organizations working the home care and hospice space as well as the number of business partners interested in collaborating with organizations in the home care community. 

In the private duty home care space, we know how important the care and service delivery experience are for the families we serve. Meeting and exceeding client expectations and needs helps to develop a long lasting trust between provider and client, but it also helps to build loyalty and positive word of mouth leading towards business growth. Caregiver experience is also of critical importance as the war for talent wages on and the home care industry struggles to retain its current talent and meet exponentially growing demand. 

In his opening general session (General Session Slides), Jason Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President and CEO of the Beryl Institute gave his annual “state of the union” address, focusing in on the challenges of the last year fueled by the pandemic, but also the amazing way in which the healthcare community responded as we were all called together to move forward and forge a New Existence in healthcare, a human centered one. 

He also shared some of the high level insights from the 2020 Annual Global Experience Survey, including “What people seek in their healthcare experience?” Unsurprisingly, the following key elements rose to the top of importance for patients and families:

  • Communicate clearly in a way you can understand 
  • Listen to you
  • Provide a clear plan of care and why they are doing it
  • Ask questions and try to understand your needs and preferences
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect 


Wolf also introduced the Transform Healthcare concept (#TransformHX), noting, “Our current realities call us to forge a new existence that begins with looking beyond the distinct silos of patient experience, employee engagement, or community health, to focus on the common thread that binds each of us together- the human experience.” 

TransformHX calls on the healthcare community to sign a formal declaration, committing ourselves as individuals and as organizations to:

  • Acknowledge and dismantle systemic racism and prejudice, tackle disparities and provide the highest-quality, most equitable care possible.
  • Understand and act on the needs and vulnerabilities of the healthcare workforce to honor their commitment and reaffirm and reenergize their purpose.
  • Recognize and maintain a focus on what matters most to patients, their family members and care partners to ensure unparalleled care and a commitment to health and well-being.
  • Collaborate through shared learning within and between organizations, systems and the broader healthcare continuum to forge a bold new path to a more human-centered, equitable and effective healthcare system.

This public declaration of support towards a New Existence and transformation of experience in healthcare helps to serve as a North Star for the entire healthcare community and reminds us to continue the momentum of collaboration, and shared learning towards into the future where we can reimagine a human centered health care experience for all. 

Its exciting to be part of the global evolution of the healthcare experience but also to see that home and community-based services are rightfully becoming recognized as a integral part of the healthcare continuum of care. 

Want to learn more?

To learn more about TransformHX or to sign the declaration, visit TransformHX

To learn more about The Beryl Institute or the Patient Experience Institute(PXI) visit: The Beryl Institute – Improving the Patient Experience and Patient Experience Institute (