Call for Experts to Shape NAHC’s Private Duty Education

  • Submit your educational proposal and/or ideas to
  • August 27-October 1, 2021

Private Duty Home Care at NAHC is opening an active call for submission of educational topics and presentations by subject matter experts on the key issues affecting the industry today and into the future.

As you know, Private Duty Home Care at NAHC is a member-driven organization and our educational programming cannot be developed without the expert assistance of our membership. This is at the heart of our committment to provide the finest education in the industry on the issues and topics that matter most to you.

As we begin to create our roadmap for education for the 2021-2022 year, we are opening an active call for proposals from August 27, 2021 – October 1, 2021. We are seeking the submission of education on the following key subject areas:

  • Employee or consumer experience
  • Service Delivery Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Best practices around infection prevention and employee safety
  • Operational best practices
  • Working with referral sources and growing your business
  • Legal “land minds” and best practices in the employment law space
  • Innovations in private duty
  • Supporting a remote workforce
  • Successfully working with MA plans

*Additional topics will also be considered, but preference will be given to those areas listed.

These topics should delivered in one of the following five formats shared in the table below.

Educational Formats

Traditional Presentation

Learning Bytes White Papers Case Studies

Resource Guides

45 minutes long with live Q&A

Live on 1st Thursday of each month from 3-4PM Eastern

12-15 minutes long and pre-recorded for on-demand learning

Slides may be used

In-depth reports on a specific topic and solution-oriented.

No more than 2500 words long and published monthly

Short reports on a specific issue being investigated and solved within a particular setting (office, agnecy, population group)

1-2 pages long

Operational documents sharing best practices and procedures that can be implemented by organizations or industry leaders

Please submit your educational proposal and/or ideas to Proposals will be reviewed and scheduled out on a rolling basis. On behalf of everyone here at NAHC, thank you for playing an active part in building the future of education for our members and the private duty home care community at large.