A NAHC 2.0 Strategic Planning Update

In August of 2017 the executive committee of the Board of Directors of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) announced the beginning of a comprehensive strategic planning process to evaluate the needs of the home care and hospice communities, the role that NAHC has played for the past 35 years in representing home care and hospice, and what the future may hold for home care and hospice. The goal of this project is to design and develop the next generation of NAHC. This crucial undertaking quickly became known as Project NAHC 2.0.

The goal of this project is to make NAHC leaner, smarter, and better for its members and the tens of millions of Americans who rely on quality health care in the home. To do that, said NAHC President William A. Dombi, we “will be transforming each and every part of NAHC to be modernized and to be prepared for the future.”

The NAHC strategic planning event in New Orleans on February 20-21 brought together dozens of experts from the NAHC Board, the Forum of State Associations, providers, industry support representatives, NAHC staff, and representatives of the health care industry from outside home health and hospice. Joining this group were representatives from THRUUE, consultants who help organizations transform and improve themselves.

A later, larger event on April 16 in northern Virginia brought together dozens more experts from around the country to share thoughts and expertise on how to ensure NAHC is the powerhouse advocate and trade association that home care and hospice providers and patients need and deserve.

The strategic planning process has proceeded effectively and, says President Dombi, “we are on schedule to finalize our transformational game plan at the NAHC Board meeting on June 27.” That strategic plan has been drafted and submitted to the public for a comment period, which ended earlier this month.

To be brought up to date on where NAHC is in the process and what the next steps are, please watch this short video and then come back to finish the rest of this article.


While the comment period for the strategic plan has passed, we still encourage you to read the plan itself, if you have not already done so. If necessary, you may reach out to your representative on the Board of Directors if you have further comment on the plan. The NAHC Board will approve a final draft plan that emerges from the comment and revision process.

The approved strategic plan will be executed with transparency and accountability from April 2018 to 2021, with monitoring of the plan implementation and public reporting of progress. The plan will be evaluated and revised as necessary in April 2019.

NAHC’s leadership is confident this transparent and accountable process will produce, at its natural conclusion, a NAHC that is more efficient and responsive than it has ever been, and more than capable of continuing to be the industry leader for decades to come.

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A NAHC 2.0 Update from President Bill Dombi

Last August the executive committee of the Board of Directors of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) announced the beginning of a comprehensive strategic planning process to evaluate the needs of the home care and hospice communities, the role that NAHC has played for the past 35 years in representing home care…

NAHC 2.0: Where We Stand and Where We Are Going

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) has officially launched the NAHC 2.0 Strategic Planning Process. This is a process driven by the home care and hospice communities and is intended to create NAHC 2.0, a stronger, smarter, and better association capable of leading the industry in the 21st century. We have partnered…

Have You Renewed Your NAHC Membership?

NAHC  is working hard to wrap-up membership renewals for 2018 by the end of January.

Renewals were sent to the primary contact listed for your agency/company. If you have not received it, please contact NAHC membership at dda@nahc.org and we will be happy to send a pre-populated renewal form. Please feel  free to make any changes on the form prior to submission.

Additionally, we are working to confirm that all information about NAHC members is correct in the Home Care & Hospice Agency Locator (for Provider Members) and the Associate Marketplace (Associate Members). The accuracy of these sites is crucial because without correct information members of the public, in need of home care and/or hospice, may not be able to find your agency.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Membership Team at 202-547-7424.

Thank you for renewing your NAHC membership. With your help, we can make 2018 the best year ever for home care and hospice.

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Home Care Education Bundles from NAHC are More Affordable than Ever

NAHC is excited to announce some significant changes to the e-learning portal of Home Care University, a product of our partnership with Relias Learning.  Over the past several weeks, we’ve slashed prices and created new “bundles” of courses grouped into categories we know you need. Featured course bundles are curated groups of NAHC-made education over…

Help NAHC Celebrate Independence at Home During Home Care & Hospice Month

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month and agencies and caregivers across the United States are raising awareness about the unique and irreplaceable value of health care delivered in the home. Home health care is high-quality care that empowers patients to take control of their own care and treatment while remaining independent and at…

Fight the Proposed Home Health Groupings Model

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) CY2018 Proposed Rule for the Home Health Agency (HHA) Prospective Payment System includes the Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM), a policy that must be withdrawn because it will cause massive disruption in the industry and its reduction in Medicare reimbursements of almost $1 billion in 2019 alone will lead to a loss of critical services to millions of patients. In addition, CMS does not have the statutory authority to impose these changes on the industry without Congressional action.

NAHC urges CMS to withdraw the HHGM policy and instead work with stakeholders to develop a fully budget-neutral policy that does not limit access to beneficiaries or diminish provider resources.

This issue is NAHC’s top priority and will remain so until the policy is improved. To defeat this payment rule before it brings havoc to the industry, we need home health leaders, employees and patients to make their voices heard by policymakers in Washington, D.C. Without your support and advocacy, this rule cannot be stopped. Please go to the NAHC Legislative Action Center and ask Congress to tell CMS to withdraw the payment rule.

Read more about the proposed HHGM:

CMS Must Withdraw the Proposed Home Health Groupings Model

Home Health Care Has Endured a Series of Rate Cuts Since 2009

NAHC Letter to CMS – Withdraw the Home Health Group Model

CMS’ Proposal Home Health Groupings Model Puts Entire Home Health System at Risk

CMS Does Not Have Statutory Authority to Impose HHGM, Must Withdraw It

Senators Nelson and Rubio Ask CMS to Withdraw the Proposed Home Health Groupings Model

NAHC Files Comments with CMS on Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update and More

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Register Before August 31 to get the Lowest Rate!

The 2017 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo, being held Oct. 15-17 in sunny Long Beach, California, is the industry’s premier event. This year promises to be better than ever with a revamped education program and three dynamic keynote speakers who will address quality in care, at work, and at home.

There are also three exciting add-on pre-conference sessions: “The New HHCoPs: Everything You Need to Know,” with NAHC’s Mary Carr, “How to Succeed When You’re New in the Business,” and “Key Strategies to Develop Your Private Pay Organization.” For more information visit the conference website.

If you haven’t registered yet, hurry! Early bird rates expire on 8/31. NAHC members get the best rates but all are welcome.

Register now!

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New NAHC Webinar Series on Emergency Preparedness

A new, six-part webinar series on emergency preparedness requirements for Medicare and Medicaid-participating home health and hospice providers is coming in June from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and the NAHC Forum of State Associations (FSA). NAHC members and members of participating FSA state associations may purchase the web series at a deeply discounted rate of $399 for the six one-hour sessions.  Participating state associations will market directly to their memberships, so watch for their promotional materials.  NAHC members and agencies that are neither members of NAHC nor their state association (or are members of a non-participating state association) may register here

​ Beginning in November 2017, all Medicare and Medicaid providers – including home health and hospice agencies – must meet a host of complex new requirements designed to ensure they have the necessary planning in place to provide safe care for their patients in the event of an emergency. This NAHC webinar series will provide the knowledge participants need to prepare for the unexpected with confidence.

Those who attend this webinar series will dramatically increase their knowledge and understanding of the new federal emergency preparedness requirements that are part of these new home health and hospice Conditions of Participation (CoP). In addition, attendees will learn how to apply the federal requirements for disaster preparedness in their home health or hospice agencies. The programs are scheduled to begin in June, in hopes that CMS will have released the interpretive guidance related to the new requirements by then.  Regardless, home health and hospice providers must act soon to ensure compliance in a timely fashion.

The planned curriculum and schedule for the webinar sessions is as follows:


Including Lessons Learned, Home Health and Hospice’s Role in an Event, All-Hazards Approach, Components of the Regulation


Including Four Phases of Emergency Management, the National Response Framework, Incident Command System, and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment


Continuity of Operations (Defining Essential Function, Succession Planning, Human Resources, Alternate Location, Defining Patient Populations, and Data Management)


Patient Classification Systems, Transportation Classifications, Surge Capacity, HIPAA/IT, Tracking Patients and Staff, and Roles and Definitions

Part 5:  COMMUNICATION — June 15, 2017, NOON EASTERN

Health Care Coalitions; Specific Hospice Requirements; MOUs; Government Emergency Telecommunications System; Collaborative Relationships with Local, State, Federal, and Indian Tribe Nations; Methodologies for Communication; and Utilizing the ICS in Communication


Annual/Orientation Requirements, Documentation of Training, Types of Exercises (Tabletop, Functional, Full-scale), After Action Report, Revising and Updating the Plan

Recorded sessions of the webinar will be available for those who are unable to attend the live sessions.

CEs:   One nursing credit hour will be offered for each of the six parts of this webinar series, for a maximum of six.  (This activity has been submitted to the Maryland Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours. The Maryland Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.)

REGISTRATION FEES:  Participants must register for the entire six-part series, at the following rates:

NAHC Member/Participating State Association Member— $399 for webinar series

Non-Member – NAHC or Participating State Association— $599 for webinar series

The faculty presenter for the webinar series is Barbara B. Citarella, RN, BSN, MS, CHCE, CSH-V (Certified in Homeland Security), who is uniquely qualified to educate on this important topic.   Ms. Citarella is the founder of RBC Limited Healthcare and Management Consultants.  Barbara and her team of expert consultants have made the company a national leader in the home health and hospice industry in addition to disaster planning.

With over 25 years of experience, Barbara is internationally known for her expertise in the areas of infection control, leadership, and disaster preparedness.  As the only recognized expert in the area of home care and hospice disaster planning, she specializes in emergency disaster planning, bioterrorism, health care development, and operations.  She provides education to law enforcement and government agencies, health care providers, private sector, first responders, national and state associations in all aspects of disaster preparedness.

Barbara was part of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) committee to rewrite the National Response Plan document and the DHS Disaster Preparedness Guidelines for people with special needs.  She has received the highest level (CHS-V) of certification in homeland security from the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS).