CMS Issues Corrections to Hospice CR 10064: Accepting Hospice NOEs via Electronic Data Interchange

On September 26, 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued Transmittal 3866/CR 10064, which rescinds and replaces Transmittal 3813/CR 10064.

Transmittal 3866 makes a technical correction to the Discharge Reason Code table in Section 30.3 of the chapter (contained on page 22 of the transmittal).  The original table contained in Transmittal 3813 incorrectly identified “Condition Code 52” as “Occurrence Code 52” and also incorrectly identified “Occurrence Code 42” as “Condition Code 42”.  Hospices should make a note of this correction.

All other material contained in the revised transmittal remains the same.

Hospices are reminded that CR10064 expands significantly upon material previously contained in Chapter 11 of the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, and encouraged to give the information a close review.  For a detailed summary of the content of CR10064, please see previous NAHC Report coverage HERE.