Did You Miss the Home Care Update Webinar?

The August 26 Home Care Industry Update with Polsinellithe National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), and Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) discussed the latest legislative and regulatory developments, including an update on:

  • the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard and its application to home care providers,
  • Biden’s Executive Order seeking to ban non-compete agreements, and
  • the status of the PRO Act.

You can still register for the webinar. If you do, you can

  • view a recording of this webinar, click here.
  • access an audio only version of this webinar, click here.
  • access the Recommended Operational Protocols document, click here.
  • access the Summary of Action Steps to Comply with the OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard document, click here.PLEASE NOTE: During the webinar Q&A section, an attendee asked about whether medical removal protection benefits must be paid to a direct care worker who is not vaccinated and has an exposure outside of work to someone who is COVID-19 positive (i.e., close contact).  The original answer was “yes.” Following the call we researched this question a bit more. We have discovered that this answer is true (i.e., the employer must pay the medical removal protection benefits) if the employee also is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, been told they are suspected to have COVID-19 or actually are positive for COVID-19. If the employee is asymptomatic, however, the agency would NOT be required to provide medical removal benefits.  We apologize for the confusion and appreciate the insightful question.CLE is not available for this program.

The webinar also updates the audience on the sweeping changes proposed by the Biden Administration designed to make it easier for labor unions to organize the home-based care workforce and provide existing unions with more leverage than ever at the bargaining table. Faculty also provides practical, business-minded strategies to maintain a direct relationship with your workforce, reduce turnover and improve your employee engagement and satisfaction scores.  Finally, we the webinar discussed best practices for educating your workforce about union organizing and maintaining an issue free work environment.


  • Updates on NAHC and HCAOA initiatives
  • Updates on any new federal laws impacting the industry
  • Updates on the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard
  • Updates on union organizing efforts and provider best practices


  • William A. Dombi, President of NAHC
  • Vicki Hoak, Executive Director of HCAOA
  • Angelo Spinola, Polsinelli
  • Denise Delcore, Polsinelli
  • Will Vail, Polsinelli