Emerging Legal Trends in Home Care & Hospice Part 7: ACA Employer Mandate and Employee Retention Credits

  • Tuesday, November 30 2021
  • 2:00-3:00pm Eastern


The employee retention credit provides financial relief for home health care providers. Eligible businesses can earn up to $33,000, per employee. Determining credit depends on identifying which employees were full-time equivalent and that determination mirrors the Affordable Care Act calculation.

The Employee Retention Credit was introduced in 2020 and is a refundable tax credit that provides financial relief to employers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The credit was extended through 2021, but the opportunity for employers to regain their losses will not be available for long.

In this session we will cover the qualifying criteria your organization needs to satisfy to be eligible and how to qualify for the credit even if you received Paycheck Protection Program funding. We will also discuss, best practices for minimizing IRS audit risk for both ERC and ACA, while simultaneously maximizing credits for your organization.


  • Gregg Kasubuchi, Vice President, Trusaic


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Information on the Series

Beginning in May and continuing through December, NAHC will bring together the top experts in the industry to examine the most important legal topics in home care and hospice.

Home care and hospice is a highly regulated industry, as such, it forces providers to maintain a strong working knowledge of a bewildering array of legal issues just to stay in business — fortunately, NAHC has a solution. This 10-part webinar series offers an in-depth and practical analysis of the key legal topics every home care and hospice executive should understand.

Every part of your organization is impacted by legal and regulatory trends, that’s why we provide insight and guidance for every part of your organization from clinical to finance to legal. These webinars will help your entire organization stay ahead of the curve.


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