Fight to Expand Access to Home Care

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Home care has long been a safe and effective alternative to care in an institutional setting. Medicare reform to provide viable, extended care services at home for patients who otherwise have only one choice, the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) benefit, is long overdue.

The risks and limitations of SNFs has been vividly demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond the pandemic crisis, extended care at home also makes sense. Nearly 33% of patients who go to SNFs have identical frailty scores to those who receive care at home. The main difference in these patients is that they lack access to extended caregiver services and certain other supplemental health care supports.

The Choose Home Care Act of 2021, S. 2562, is a cost-effective and patient preferred home-based extended care benefit as a supplement to the existing home health benefit that supports patients to leave the hospital and recover at home with a mix of expanded skilled nursing, therapy, personal care, telehealth services and more. Eligible patients can choose to recover at home in a safe home environment with sufficient care tailored to meet their individual needs and reduced Medicare spending.

(Read this NAHC Report article for more information on the Choose Home Care Act of 2021.)

The Choose Home Care Act represents a tremendous step forward for Medicare beneficiaries who would prefer to recover at home, but have been previously prevented from doing so under current policy restrictions,” said NAHC President William A. Dombi. “Given the many benefits of accessing healthcare and support services at home, as well as the importance of protecting vulnerable patients from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, this must-pass legislation would go a long way to improve seniors’ health in a safe, cost-effective way.”

NAHC has been working hard to get this legislation introduced and we will be working just as hard to see it turned into law. However, we could use your help. The action of concerned Americans making their voice heard on Capitol Hill is powerful and it is both easy and quick. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you’ve sent a message to your elected representatives in Congress. Please do so now!