FMC 2022 is for Thought Leaders and Innovators – People Like You!

“FMC is my favorite conference I attend all year. The NAHC staff does a fantastic job of running the 2.5-day program and the quality of the home health and hospice sessions are terrific. I would highly recommend any home health or hospice financial manager to attend this event! And the locations of the events are always Top Notch!”
Patrick Conole, Vice President of Finance & Management, Home Care Association of NYS

The 2022 Financial Management Conference from July 24-26 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada is going to be one of the best and most important industry events of the year. Excitement is running high for the conference, as demonstrated by the fact that every booth in the Expo has been sold! (Contact Christopher Adams at if you’re interested in sponsorships or exhibiting at the Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in October.) The most important companies, innovators and thought leaders will be at FMC. If you fit that description, you should be at FMC. Register now to save money over on-site registration.

FMC is essential to those that manage, supervise, or collaborate with the financial arm of your organization. Attendees will walk away with new ideas, connections, and opportunities.

One of the best reasons to attend FMC every year are the general sessions, which feature a strong mix of legal, policy, and market information and analysis, along with insights from industry professionals and experts who have been ahead of the curve for decades. These sessions are when you get the big picture, as well as your specific questions answered by some of the smartest and most informed people in home care and hospice.

Washington Update: Congress, Regulators, Policymakers, and the Marketplace Landscape

Health care continues its bewildering spin under the pressures of COVID-19, workforce shortages, and cost inflation. At the same time, the accelerated learning triggered by the pandemic continues to provide new opportunities for the expansion and refinement for health care at home. No longer is the continuum of care a set of steps based on care setting as acute, pre- and post-acute, and end-of-life care are all now provided in the home setting.

This annual FMC opening general session brings attendees up-to-the-minute information on advocacy priorities, legislative and regulatory updates, and a forecast for upcoming action. The topics this year include PDGM in home health services, VBID and increased oversight activity in hospice, and workforce stresses in all care at home settings, as well as a multitude of opportunities and threats along the care spectrum.

This year, the session also includes a deep look at the national survey results from an unprecedented, unified collaborative in home care. You will not want to miss a minute of this program.

Home Care and Hospice Leadership Panel: A Practical View from Outside of Washington

One of the most popular events at FMC, the leadership panel, brings together a diverse group of leaders in health care, including providers of health care at home, managed care organizations, and investors, to explore the most pressing issues of the day. These business and thought leaders bring deep experiences and insights on the direction of health care and the place of health care at home.

There is a notable expansion of health care services in the home setting, combining patient-centered, holistic care approaches with advances in technologies and a new recognition of the value of care at home. growing opportunities for health care at home. While the pandemic may have accelerated the movement to the home, it is not the root cause, as these developments have been underway for years. Are they within our grasp today? The panel will provide their views on where we are headed in the broadening world of health care at home.

Panelists include Kenneth Albert, Marcylle Combs, Mary Myers, Billy Simione, and Rod Windley.

Financial Management Open Forum

The Open Forum is your chance to discuss your ideas and concerns with HHFMA experts and conference attendees. No subject within our world of health care at home is off limits! The 2022 Open Forum will focus on topics like changes within the home care community business landscape and workforce challenges. Anything else of interest to attendees is also fair game. Bring your ideas, concerns, advice, thought leadership to this special closing program.

FMC is centered on delivering value to your organization, focusing on efficiency, budgeting, benchmarking, operations, ROI, and more. Comprehensive educational sessions will cover the industry’s most pressing topics and issues, so you’ll leave equipped to contribute to your organization immediately. We’re bringing you the best experts and practitioners in the industry to present you with new insights that will answer your burning questions

This event is an investment for you and your organization. Make those valuable connections needed to take your career and organization to the next level.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas this July!