Honoring More of the Best Home Care Aides in America

Last month, NAHC and CellTrak announced they would be giving $500 scholarships to some of the best and most deserving home care aides in the United States during Home Care and Hospice Month, which is November. Earlier this month we recognized the first batch of winners of those scholarship. Today, we will recognize the remaining winners this month.

This is Home Care and Hospice Month and NAHC thinks it is more important than ever, during this month and during this year, when so much has been asked of and given by frontline health care workers, that we recognize and honor home care aides, who make quality care in the home possible.

The additional winners of the NAHC-CellTrak Home Care Aide Scholarships are:

Carolyn Camby from All Ways Caring HomeCare

Rachel Reynolds from Elk Valley Health Services

Cabriska Wright from Functional Independence Home Care

Noelle Wilson from Partners in Care

Rebecca Von Rueden from Prohealth Home care and Hospice

Ann Literski from ProHealth Home Care and Hospice

Christal Ennis from ComForCare Home Care

Tamika Beverly from Addus HomeCare

Tammy Bull from Richmond County Hospice

Click the link in each name to learn more about the winner and why she is such a remarkable home care aide and recipient of this scholarship.

Congratulations to all the winners! They embody the spirit of caring and committment to care that is necessary for a great home care aide. These are some of the finest people in home care and as a society we owe them more than we can say. They do difficult work without complaint and what could be more important or more noble than caring for the most vulnerable people in our society.

“This scholarship is a proven way to help home care aides advance their careers, tell their stories of what caregiving means to them, and highlight the difference it has made in the lives of their patients,” says William A. Dombi, Esq., President of NAHC. “America needs to hear from the people who provide care to our most vulnerable citizens.”

“With the impact of COVID on our industry, we realized our commitment to the scholarship program for 2020 needed to be doubled, to 20 scholarships! In March, many of our home care aides found themselves forced to make tough choices, and yet they remained at the forefront of caring for our family and friends in their homes. Because of their dedication, we want to recognize and support their efforts in continuing a career path as a homecare hero!” Andrew Kaboff, Founder of CellTrak.