If you work in home health as a care provider, Relias needs to hear from you!

Relias is seeking the experiences and perspectives of home and hospice health aides, personal care aides and CNAs, VN/LPNs, and RNs age 18 and older located in the US who care for home health patients.

They’re looking for answers to questions like: How did your education prepare you for practice? How have your responsibilities changed since the COVID-19 pandemic? What might impact your desire to leave your job?

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and your input will help Relias understand the needs and values of dedicated people just like you, working within this frequently overlooked and undervalued part of the healthcare system.

Participating in this study is 100% voluntary, confidential, and will have no bearing on your present or future roles whatsoever.

Please click here and share your insights!


Please contact Dr. Elise Valdes at 984-220-8111 or at evaldes@relias.com if you have any questions about this study.