In-Home Caregivers Prefer Virtual Training

Virtual training has emerged as critical for in-home caregivers during the COVID-19 public health emergency and that development is likely to continue in 2021, even after the pandemic ends, accordingt to a new survey of 11,000 home caregivers across the United States by Medflyt, a HIPAA-compliant web-based workforce management platform for home care agencies.

Over 83 percent of surveyed caregivers have become more interested in in-service mobile training since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the survey, and 60 percent would rather be trained online instead of in person.

In addition, 38 percent of respondents wanted to onboard remotely, a much higher figure than before the start of the public health emergency.

“The pandemic has forced the homecare industry to digitally transform sooner than expected, creating a skills/training gap as patients rely on at-home health care,” said Levi Y. Pavlovsky, COO and co-founder of Medflyt. “Based on our findings, it’s clear that agencies are in need of solutions to help simplify caregiver staffing, training and compliance. In addition, caregivers are looking for more mobile-based options.”

Most (62 percent) of caregivers said that easy and quick onboarding and ease of staffing are reasons to stay with or choose one agency over another. Additionally, 44 percent said better communication and and flexibility from agencies would considerably improve their training.

A majority (54 percent) of respondents said they want to be educated on topics related to the public health emergency such as social distancing, regulations and sanitation, in relation to their work.

“The data also shows that caregivers need more communication from their agencies,” added Pavlovsky. “In-home health care remains one of the most underserved and unappreciated industries, and the challenges posed by COVID-19 have called attention to that sentiment. Through our suite of solutions that aim to provide the resources and flexibility caregivers and agencies need to continue to provide quality care to every patient, Medflyt is in a position to change that.”