Letter from Bill Dombi: We Need Advocates for Home Care and Hospice

Dear friends,

I have an important request to make of you today.

As you know, NAHC is tirelessly advocating for you, your patients, and your employees every day, fighting to expand access to care in the home for our nation’s most vulnerable. However, the most powerful message for elected officials is when they hear from their own voters.

We need you, as members of the NAHC community, to help us advocate for home care and hospice and engage with your members of Congress about the key legislative and regulatory priorities for our community.

NAHC’s Summer Advocacy campaign is under way right now and we need your support to make it successful. Please visit the NAHC Advocacy Center right now and take action on our key issues:

Then, please share that issue with at least ONE other person and ask them to do the same.  The NAHC Advocacy Center has pre-written messages, or you can choose to craft your own. It takes literally only a few seconds of your time to send a message and your elected officials will notice!

Each week NAHC will also be highlighting one activity you can take part in to make some noise with your elected officials and ensure the home care and hospice communities have the support, protections, and resources needed during the public health emergency and beyond. (See Monday’s NAHC Report for this week’s highlighted activity.)

We need your Voices, Hearts, and Actions more than ever before and we are stronger together.


Bill Dombi, President of NAHC