NAHC 2.0 – the Strategic Planning Project

All aspects of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice will be re-evaluated to make the organization more useful to its members, said NAHC President Bill Dombi, addressing the Home Care & Hospice Conference and Expo on its final day, October 17.

Standing before a video slide presentation at the last general session of the Conference, Dombi told attendees that “everything is on the table” in building what he calls NAHC 2.0 and no aspect of NAHC would go unexamined in the drive to make it stronger than it has ever been in its more than 35 years of existence.

Aspects of NAHC to be reviewed and evaluated include:

  • Mission
  • Membership
  • Structure
  • Governance
  • Relationships with other associations
  • Services
  • Priorities

NAHC will use an expert facilitator who is not in the home care and hospice industry to help move the process of creating NAHC 2.0. A planning team of not more than 25 persons, made up of member and non-members alike, will be assembled to help guide the process. This team will include:

  • NAHC Board representation (5)
  • NAHC staff (3)
  • State Association (2)
  • Provider sectors (10)
  • Industry support sectors (3)
  • Non-home care health care sectors (2)

There will be an open nominating process to assemble this planning team.

From October 31 to November 15, participants will be invited into this initial process. A three-person task force from the NAHC Board of Directors will be appointed by the Chair of the Board, Denise Schrader. There will be public nominations and selections by the task force, followed by a public announcement of all invitees.

A two-day strategic planning event will be held in January 2018 at a convenient and economical location. At that meeting, a draft plan covering all aspects of NAHC will be crafted and the draft will be circulated to participants, with the opportunity to comment and revise. Finally, the Board of Directors will approve the draft for public dissemination.

The strategic plan draft for NAHC 2.0 will be announced within seven days of Board approval of the draft. Information about the draft will appear in NAHC Report, on the NAHC website, in trade press and state associations.

Concurrent with the announcement of the draft will be the invitation to comment on the draft itself. The full NAHC community will be invited to comment and there will be staff review comments and a summary provided to the Board with recommended revisions. The Board will then approve a draft plan that emerges from the comment and revision process.

In March of 2018 an invitation-based broad scale event of 100-150 people will be held to refine the draft plan. This will be a facilitated event with shared comment from the community and a redraft of the strategic plan will be undertaken, if necessary.

The strategic plan will be finalized and displayed publicly, with a web-based explanatory session, in April 2018. This will involve NAHC Board approval and display of the plan in all NAHC media, as well as an open webinar to discuss the final draft of the plan.

The approved strategic plan will be executed with transparency and accountability from April 2018 to 2021, with monitoring of the plan implementation and public reporting of progress. The plan will be evaluated and revised as necessary in April 2019

NAHC’s leadership is confident this transparent and accountable process will produce, at its natural conclusion, a NAHC that is more efficient and responsive than it has ever been, and more than capable of continuing to be the industry leader for decades to come. NAHC looks forward to your involvement in the process.