NAHC Backyard Advocacy: Share Your Story

Welcome to week 6 of NAHC’s Advocacy campaign. Congress is headed back to Washington, D.C. this week to debate some key legislation and this week as part of our summer backyard advocacy campaign we are asking to stretch your story telling muscles and share your home care story with your representatives.

Legislators, and regulators, are real life people just like you. Sharing your story can help them better understand the importance of home health care and hospice services and connects them directly with the challenges facing you as patients and families today in accessing quality care and services.

Story telling is an inherent to our human nature and one the most compelling tools we have in our advocacy arsenal. We invite you to join in on our summer advocacy efforts and to share your personal story and experience with your elected officials.

Your story can help bring issues facing the home care and hospice community to the forefront of the health care debate and be a catalyst to getting our most important legislative priorities over the finish line and passed into law.

To learn more about how to share your story visit our Resource Guide.

Helpful tips to Remember:

  1. Be authentic and tell your story from the heart — your story is very personal and should be a direct reflection of your experience. There is no one “right” way to tell your story.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Tthe clearer and more concise you can be, the easier it is for your elected official to connect with what you are saying AND remember it later.
  3. Connect your story with the issues. Your story is uniquely yours alone, but how it connects with current legislative issues is important to help your elected official connect real-life with the bills they are contemplating to support.

Not ready to share your personal story?

That’s OK! Feel free to utilize our Legislative Action Center to support one of our key legislative priorities with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  1.  Visit the NAHC Legislative Action Center
  3. Then, forward the link to ONE other person and ask them to do the same. 

Together, we can ensure the home care and hospice communities have the support, resources, and protections they need to care for the nation’s most vulnerable during the public health emergency and beyond!

Every Voice, Every Heart, Every Action

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