NAHC Summer Backyard Advocacy Bash is Back!

August marks the beginning of the annual Summer congressional recess and NAHC’s Summer Backyard Advocacy Bash is back and in full force!

Your elected officials will be in their local home offices, right in your own backyard for the next serval weeks, and we want you to engage with them about our key legislative and regulatory priorities.

Advocacy starts at home with you! You are first-hand experts on the issues and opportunities affecting the home care and hospice communities.

NAHC will be highlighting ONE activity each week that you, your colleagues, family and friends, can take part in to make some noise with your elected officials to ensure the home care and hospice communities have the tools and resources necessary to continue to provide much needed home-based care and community services across the nation.

To kick off our Summer of Backyard Advocacy, we are asking you to harness The Power of One!

  1.  Visit the NAHC Legislative Action Center
  3. Then, forward the link to ONE other person and ask them to do the same. 

Together, we can ensure the home care and hospice communities have the support, resources, and protections they need to care for the nation’s most vulnerable during the public health emergency and beyond!

Summer Activity Timeline

  1. Week of August 15th Summer Advocacy Kick-Off: The Power of One
  2. August 22 – Phone Call Frenzy & Virtual Connections
    August 29 – Flood of Letters to the Editor & Virtual Connections
    September 5 – Social Media Blitz
    September 14- Legislative Fly-In (in-person & virtual meetings with lawmakers)
    September 19 – Two are Better than One: NAHC Board of Directors & Partnership Hill Day & Virtual Connections
    September 26 – Letters to the Editors

On behalf of the entire NAHC staff, we thank you for your commitment to the home care and hospice communities and your continued advocacy efforts to ensure every American has access to quality home-based care and services today and in the future.

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Summer Napier

Director of Grassroots Advocacy at NAHC