NAHC Urges You to Serve on 3 New Advisory Councils

With the current successes of NAHC’s strengthening of member engagement opportunities, the Board of Directors has approved the establishment of three new advisory councils. The new councils, focused on Palliative, Pediatric, and Rural health care, will provide portals for NAHC members to advise the association on policy, advocacy, education, business best practices, and more. These councils will interface with the existing advisory councils and Board committees to ensure that any special needs and interests of these sectors are addressed.

The Palliative Care Advisory Council is intended to represent the broad universe of palliative care services in the home.  While it will work closely with the Hospice Advisory Council, it encompasses palliative care that is beyond end-of-life services. It is anticipated that a core goal of the Palliative Care Council will be expanding coverage of the array of palliative services under Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance plans along with refining standards of practice.

The Pediatric Advisory Council brings a voice to NAHC members that serve the unique needs of pediatric patients in home care. These services include post-natal care, private duty nursing, infusion therapy, hospice care, and home health services. Pediatric home care serves a distinct patient population with often Medicaid or commercial insurance as the payer, thereby presenting both special advocacy and service supports needs.

The Rural Advisory Council brings a deep focus on the unique issues that arise in delivering care in rural areas. The shortage of practitioners, the closing of rural hospitals, the sheer distance driven to provide home care, and many more elements of health care in rural areas trigger a need for a forum where rural providers can share solutions, refine policy advocacy to address specific rural concerns, and help NAHC provide appropriate attention to rural health care.

NAHC invites members to submit nominations to these new advisory councils. Submissions should be sent to Raul Suarez at