New Webinar: Add to Your Bottom Line Through Implementation of a Caregiver Mentoring Program

Private Duty Home Care at NAHC will present an important new webinar, Add to Your Bottom Line Through Implementation of a Caregiver Mentoring Program, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM Eastern.


Discover how you can add to your organization’s bottom line profits through the implementation of a Caregiver Mentoring program. Please join Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse, and Miriam Allred, Marketing Project Manager, at Home Care Pulse as they discuss the impact a Caregiver Mentoring program can have on the satisfaction and retention levels of your caregivers. They will take a deep dive into recent caregiver mentoring pilot program results, best practices for program implementation and how to calculate the positive impact to your financial bottom line.


  • Erik Madsen, CEO, Home Care Pulse
  • Miriam Allred, Marketing Project Manager, Home Care Pulse
  • Kathy Febraio, CAE, President/CEO, New York State Association of Healthcare Providers, Inc.

Registration Fees
Members: Free
Non-members: Free