Notes from the Private Duty Advisory Council

A meeting earlier this week of the Private Duty Home Care at NAHC Advisory Council produced some interesting discussion on a variety of topics. Below is a brief summary of the discussion.

Legislation & Regulation

  • HR 2898Home Care Services for Seniors Act, NAHC has been involved since the beginning (September 2018). This would allow people to use funds in their Health Savings Accounts to pay for home care. In May of this year, the Joint Committee on Taxation released an estimated cost of $202 million over 10 years. NAHC has and continues to support the passage of this bill. Take action now!
  • HR 2954Enhancing American Retirement Act or “Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022”. Introduced in May 2021 and would allow people to use their IRA to pay for long-term care insurance premiums.
  • Department of Labor New Independent Contractor Rule – The Initial Final Rule was withdrawn in May 2021 and, in June 2022, the DOL announced its intention to release a new proposed rule. We do not know when that proposed new rule will be released, but we will update you when more information becomes available.


  • The Home Care Workforce Action Alliance is meeting in DC on August 3rd with key NAHC staff involved (I’ll be there!). More information to follow but we expect a call for volunteers willing to work with one of the Alliance’s subgroups.