Private Duty Podcast with Jeff Salter of Caring Senior Service

We encourage you to tune in to this fascinating podcast interview of Jeff Salter, CEO of Caring Senior Service. The interview focuses on non-clinical care of the kind provided by Caring Senior Services and it all just went live Tuesday, February 2.

Jeff tells Stan Massey of Transcend that a lot of education is needed to help the general public know a different kind of support is available – and help the healthcare system advocate for nonclinical support. 

“Ever since I started our company in 1991, Ive been really challenged with defining what home care is and helping people understand that theres this whole different segment that is the non-skilled services or the custodial activities of daily living,” Jeff said. “Things we all take for granted that we just do day in and day out  simple meal preparation can become a challenge, keeping yourself clean, getting a shower, brushing your teeth even can become difficult as you age. And those are all home care things that a caregiver would help provide for an individual who requires that type of assistance.” 

The interview gets into some important details about custodial home care that most people, including referrers, rarely if ever think about.

During this conversation, Jeff, points out three areas where change is necessary to increase the role of nonclinical home care – and what this valuable service can offer in return. 

Also, check out this article with more information on what Jeff is talking about. 

 You can follow the link to listen to the podcast or use whatever podcast service you prefer. The podcast will be available on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and TuneIn + Alexa.

One more thing: Look out for an interview with NAHC President Bill Dombi in an upcoming episode of the Transcending Home Care podcast.