Private Duty Will Shine at 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference & Expo

The virtual 2020 Home Care & Hospice Conference & Expo, from October 19-21, is only three days away! If you are looking to thrive and expand your private duty home care business, you won’t want to miss the education at the conference that is aimed directly at your needs and interests. Remember, if your schedule won’t permit you to devote three straight days to the conference, you can watch the education at your leisure from the comfort of your home or office. The recordings are yours free with your registration.

Here is a sample of the education at the conference that will prove valuable to private duty home care operators.

How to Marry Clinical and Operational Excellence for Organizational Success

There is no question it takes a team effort to successfully run a home care agency. The two key components are the clinical team and operational team, each of which have very different roles and measures of success. This presentation will explain how aligning clinical and operational excellence in the office creates a win-win-win situation for both teams and ultimately for patient outcomes and satisfaction. Attendees will learn how clinical and operational teams can work together to grow the agency financially, allowing it to serve more patients and families.

Private Duty – Positioning as a Key Partner in Effective Population Health Management

Private duty agencies hold a unique opportunity to add value to providers and payers who manage healthcare lives over time. Population health, value-based payment initiatives and Medicare Advantage all recognize the cost-savings achieved when health-related social needs are identified and met. Private duty providers hold a key place in this network of support, helping to meet aspects of social determinants of health while supporting best-practice chronic disease management. Innovative providers are re-tooling and re-positioning services, embracing virtual care platforms and telehealth to create a blend of practical services and technology which connect support to need. Private Duty holds the opportunity to reposition their work within the broader payer/provider network, delivering on improving outcomes and lowering the costs of care, where people live. This value proposition will be described, allowing attendees to expand their view of the power of private duty in today’s market.

A Survey of the Changing Legal Landscape in Home Care Employment Law & Regulations

Join Littler Shareholder Angelo Spinola for a high level overview of the newest laws, rulings and legal trends in the home care industry. Angelo will advise best practices and how to comply with legal changes from throughout 2020 while still running a successful home care business. Angelo will also discuss industry specific employment practices most likely to result in new lawsuits and the best practices to prevent the same. Topics will include the proper structuring of live-in and on-call pay practices, personal cell phone use for timekeeping, fluctuation of caregiver pay rates and other hot button issues affecting the industry.

Private Duty: A Home Health Revenue Diversification Strategy

The Patient Driven Grouping Model (PDGM) has caused agencies that focus exclusively on Medicare-certified home health to look at business diversification to create additional revenue streams. The disease management aspect of Private Duty care offers a way to increase revenue and cash flow while also improving outcomes and decreasing hospitalization rates. During this session, explore the impact and challenges of PDGM and learn how to build a Private Duty program focused on non-clinical disease management techniques. Private Duty providers will learn how to expand their agency’s value propositions, and to Medicare-certified providers who wish to improve outcomes and gross margins.

Improving Staff Satisfaction and Retention: 10 Key Elements to Consider for Success

The labor shortage is perhaps the largest threat to the home care industry today. In the U.S. alone, by 2026 the industry will need roughly 1.3 million home health aides and 2.7 million personal care aides. More LTC workers leave the field than enter it. In 2030, the U.S. is predicted to have a shortage of 151,000 paid direct care workers. By 2040, the shortage will grow to 355,000. 60% of private home care agencies identify care provider shortages as one of the top three threats to the future growth of their businesses. -visible and accessible leadership; access to resources and support; teamwork in the continuum of care; quality safe ethical care provision; streamlining workflow; autonomy and service recovery; organizational structure; continuous quality improvement and learning; alignment of values and selection of the right technologies. These key changes will all contribute to employee productivity and satisfaction, which in turn improves the agency’s recruitment and retention.

Post Acute M & A: What’s Going On?

In 2020, we’ve seen unprecedented upheaval, with PDGM, COVID-19 and CMS’ response to the different market segments. Where are valuations today and why, specifically in home health, home care and hospice? The panel will discuss the impacts of valuation trends, deal flow, operational challenges and pertinent regulatory changes. Our fireside chat format will include experts from industry, strategic buyers, investment bankers, executive leadership all guided by Stoneridge Partners CEO Rich Tinsley.

Understanding Your Corporate Culture and Moving It Into a True Learning Organization for Positive Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes

A look at the industry in the last several years has meant payment reform, changes to conditions of participation, emergency preparedness, and a pandemic. In all of this, agencies are just trying to keep up while staying financially and clinically viable. In the mix, corporate culture can easily get lost. In this session we will look at corporate culture reform, the steps of becoming a learning organization and how to implement successful group thinking and problem solving. Mastery of the concepts has proven to produce positive outcomes for those who embrace it.

The 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference & Expo will also feature three informative and inspirational general sessions, as well as learning labs in the biggest and best Expo in the industry. We urge you to register today.