State Issue Alert: Maryland Labor and Employment Standards During an Emergency

Our partner Littler Mendelson Law firm reached out to NAHC and other members of a standing home care coalition to let us know of a new issue that has been raised in the state of Maryland by some of their clients. NAHC is actively working in conjunction with the Maryland National Capital Home Care Association (MNCHA) on this issue.

Since the emergence of COVID-19 last year, a handful of states have moved to impose requirements on employers of essential workers outside of and often exceeding their normal business practices. We understand that the states of California and Virginia have already done so via a regulatory process. Maryland legislators are now considering similar proposals through legislation (HB 581 and SB 486).

Maryland bills HB 581 and its companion SB 486 would impose new requirements on Maryland employers during established emergency periods and employ “essential workers.” While geared to protect employees, this legislation may cause undue hardship and added costs to employers.

NAHC will continue to work in partnership with MNCHA on this issue and keep you informed of any new developments.