Data Point: What is the #1 Threat to Home Care in 2022?

Welcome to the June 2022 Home Care Data Point from NAHC and Home Care Pulse. For this data point, survey participants in NAHC and the home care industry were asked “What do you see as the top three threats to the future growth of your business in 2022?”

To read the top five answers from survey respondents, please read on.

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Data Point for December 2021: Median Revenue for 2020

Brief Summary: 2021 has been among the hardest years for home care providers nationwide. As we wrap up the year, take a look at your business financials and benchmark your agency to other providers in your region. Ask yourself, ‘where did you land for revenue at the close of 2021 and how does it compare to last year?’

Save the Date: The 2022 Home Care Benchmarking Survey, by Home Care Pulse will open January 1st, 2022 and close February 28th, 2022. We encourage all private duty home care agencies to participate.

September 2021 Private Duty Data Point: Office Staff Salaries

Office staff turnover doesn’t grab the headlines like caregiver turnover, but there’s a strong correlation (and likely causation) between the two. Home care agencies that maintain office staff longer nearly always retain caregivers longer. According to our annual Home Care Benchmarking Study, for every 1 office staff member who quits, you’ll lose 5 additional caregivers. If you’ve already got the right people, are you paying them enough to expect them to stay long-term? If you’re looking for the right people, are you paying enough for them to choose your agency over other options?

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August 2021 Private Duty Data Point: Office Staff Turnover & Benefits

What happens when you hire the wrong office staff? To name a few, a poor hire can result in loss of clients, higher caregiver turnover, and ultimately a loss of profits. What happens when you hire the right office staff? The right hire can generate new ideas and solutions, create company stability, and bring peace of mind to the owner and upper management. Take time to measure your office staff turnover, get their feedback, assess their benefits, and make changes today to get the right people in the right seats in your office.

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July 2021 Home Care Pulse Data Point: Caregiver Satisfaction

Summary: Throughout 2020, Home Care Pulse collected over 73,335 caregiver satisfaction surveys. Based on the data, caregivers were more satisfied with their roles than ever before. With the challenges and stress of COVID-19, it’s apparent that home care agencies around the country stepped up to the plate to make home care a better place for their caregivers.

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June 2021 Data Point: Caregiver Turnover

Despite the caregiver shortages, caregiver turnover rate stayed relatively flat for the industry. While this may be considered good news, we are still in a turnover crisis and it’s more important than ever to pay competitively, create a culture of recognition, invest in thorough training, and otherwise create an exceptional employment experience that retains caregivers.

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Caregiver Turnover Rate in 2020—from the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study

April 2021 Home Care Pulse Data Point: Professional Caregiver Training

While in-home care is often divided into skilled and nonskilled, these terms are misnomers: every role in caregiving requires skills, knowledge, and training. Better-trained caregivers are more likely to provide better care, have higher job satisfaction, and stay with an agency longer.

Even before COVID-19, most agencies were shifting to online caregiver training because of the quality and flexibility it provides. While the ideal format is to use both online and in-person, agencies that aren’t offering some form of online training are losing the battle to attract and retain caregivers.

Read more about choosing the right online training partner.

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