January 2021 Private Duty Data Point: Tracking Hospital Readmission Rates

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there continues to be a focus on keeping our aging population in the home. As an industry, we’re maturing and need to continue to use solid data when pursing and working with professional referral and payer sources.

In home care in 2021, every agency should be tracking (1) hospital readmissions (2) ER visits (3) client falls (4) Client NPS Scores (5) Caregiver eNPS Scores to not only track outcomes at your agency, but show the value we add to the entire continuum of care.

Additional Resource: Why Your Home Care Agency Needs to Track Hospital Readmission Rates in 2021

Home Health Saves Medicare Money Despite Slightly Higher Readmissions than SNFs

The cost advantages of home health care make it less expensive than skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) despite a slightly higher hospital readmission rate, according to a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers and published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study found that Medicare patients discharged to home health had a 5.6 percent…