February 2021 Private Duty Data Point, part 2: Office Staff Benefits

Office Staff Benefits – While business owners are rightly wary of paying too much, paying office staff a little more is typically an investment that pays itself back through returns across multiple channels: better client experiences, faster agency growth, smoother operations, lower caregiver turnover, and better sleep for you. Extra cash can be hard to come by in a home care agency, especially in the age of COVID, but the bottom line is clear: paying your staff enough to retain them is worth the investment.

February 2021 Private Duty Data Point: Office Staff Turnover & Revenue Changes

Office Staff Turnover – Any business owner recognizes that with their leadership team fully engaged and each individually doing their best to help the team move in the right direction, every part of the business is going to go more smoothly. Clients will receive better care, caregivers will enjoy their jobs more, the owner’s life will be easier, and the business will grow more quickly.

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