The Gratitude Symposium

Forty-five well-known experts are banding together to provide healthcare workers and students with a month-long series of presentations meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare.

Healthcare has always had challenges, and these past 14 months have taken the word “challenge” to new heights. And as they always do, healthcare workers met and exceeded the challenge.

Topics range from the future of healthcare, role of the board, employee and physician engagement, patient experience, medical group management, process improvement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more. Each talk will offer inspiration and learning opportunities.

During the last few months, several healthcare subject matter experts have been discussing one way to say thank you. This is how the May 2021 FREE month-long Gratitude Symposium was born.

The group is also donating $75,000 to the DAISY Foundation and $25,000 to AUPHA.

Each expert created a video from 15 to 50 minutes based on their area of expertise. Each weekday, one to three videos will be released on this website.

Simply register for free to view the material and watch the videos when it is most convenient.  We hope you enjoy the sessions and accept our thanks for all you do to care for others.

Meet the experts. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to register.