Why MAC Legacy Supports the 2022 Financial Management Conference

MAC Legacy, a leading industry innovator and partner with providers of quality health care in the home, is a well-known presence at the Financial Management Conference (FMC) and a gold sponsor of FMC 2022 in Las Vegas from July 24-27.  The relationships MAC Legacy has forged with providers and with NAHC have made the entire industry stronger and we appreciate their support for FMC, one of the most important industry events of the year.

NAHC Report spoke with MAC Legacy COO Katie Hale and CEO Marcylle Combs, and they discussed why the Financial Management Conference is so important to MAC Legacy and the entire home care and hospice community.

How does MAC Legacy serve home care and hospice care providers?

MAC Legacy specializes in solving complex problems and turning them into simple solutions for Home Health, Home Care and Hospice Providers. Our goal is to provide coding, expert consulting, education and tools to allow organizations to thrive. Under the current reimbursement system, there is no margins for error. MAC Legacy is the solution for accurate coding, sequencing and the right reimbursement every single time.

MAC Legacy is one of NAHC’s most active Business Partners. Why is NAHC membership important to MAC Legacy?

NAHC is and has been a vital heartbeat of the industry through their advocacy and support. MAC Legacy has a unique perspective from not only being a coding and consulting firm since 2004, but our previous roots as a large home health and hospice provider. We are a proud member of NAHC and we are thankful for all NAHC does to better the industry.

“As a provider we had a problem that was clearly an error on our intermediary ( as they were called then) and NAHC went to bat for us with CMS. They were able to get someone on the phone and quickly resolve the issue. They got a statement in writing from CMS and within days the problem was solved. It was on that day I decided that whatever I had to do to support NAHC I would do!” – Marcylle Combs, MAC Legacy CEO & Owner

Do you have a favorite memory about attending FMC?

“NAHC FMC 2021 our CEO, Marcylle Combs was inducted to the Home Care & Hospice Financial Managers Association (HHFMA) Hall of Fame for her dedication to delivery of high quality home care and hospice services, her guidance of the HHFMA Women and Leadership and her advocacy for rural healthcare. It was an honor to see her stand on stage and receive such a special award for her dedication to the industry.” – Kati Hale, MAC Legacy, COO

“My favorite memories are watching so many conservative accountants gamble away their money at so many LAS VEGAS FMC meetings in the past.” – Marcylle Combs, MAC Legacy CEO & Owner 

Why is FMC an important event for MAC Legacy? Why is sponsoring FMC important for Mac Legacy?

NAHC FMC is one of the premier industry events to capture our audience and network with other industry experts. When utilizing NAHC’s resources we are able to get in front of our current and prospective customers and see a return on the investment spent on advertising.

The last few years have seen enormous change in home care and hospice. What is one thing you’d like to see changed in the next few years? 

We would love to see the reimbursement by managed care come to an equitable rate!   In addition to this there should be a system to appeal issues in a fair manner by an objective system.

We thank MAC Legacy for their strong support for FMC and Katie Hale and Marcylle Combs for participating in this Q&A.

To learn more about the conference or to register go to the FMC 2022 website.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, July 24-26.