With Emergency Preparedness Deadline Closing In, CMS Posts Provider-Accessible Basic Surveyor Training Course

On September 16, 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS) published a final rule on Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers. This rule affects all 17 provider and supplier types eligible for participation in Medicare, including home health and hospice. While the rule became effective on November 15, 2016, providers and suppliers have until November 15, 2017 to implement the new requirements and be in full compliance. Surveyors will begin evaluating the new requirements after November 15, 2017 and providers and suppliers found out of compliance with the new regulations will be cited for non-compliance and will be required to follow standard procedures for correcting deficiencies.

CMS’ Survey & Certification Group (SCG) has developed an Emergency Preparedness Basic Surveyor Training Course to help health and safety and Life Safety Code (LSC) surveyors and reviewers gain proficiency in surveying all affected participating providers and certified suppliers for compliance with their individual emergency preparedness requirements. Because the individual regulations for each provider and supplier type share a majority of standard provisions, this training provides consistent guidance and survey procedures for all provider and supplier types in a single course. The training is available on a 24-hour basis and takes approximately 16 or 17 hours to complete. CMS IS MAKINGS THE TRAINING AVAILABLE TO PROVIDERS, AS WELL – to access the modules click “I am a provider” on the launch page. A memorandum providing additional information related to the training is available HERE. Home health and hospice providers are encouraged to take advance of the numerous materials that are now available to ensure their operations are fully compliant by the enforcement date.

In related news and to help you ensure timely compliance, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, participating members of the NAHC Forum of State Associations, and RBC Limited are offering an emergency preparedness product package — including the newly revised HOME HEALTH CARE & HOSPICE EMERGENCY DISASTER WORKBOOK and its just-released companion THE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS TOOLKIT — for a SINGLE LOW PRICE of $324 that includes shipping and handling.

Both documents will be supplied on a single CD-ROM and contain model policies and procedures that can be downloaded and tailored to your agency’s needs! RBC Limited, the developer of these materials, is internationally known for its expertise in home care and hospice disaster preparedness.  For additional information about RBC, please go to the RBC website.

Home Health Care & Hospice Emergency Disaster Preparedness Manual

The manual includes:

  • Key Elements of an Emergency Disaster Plan such as Task Force Development, Agency Self-Evaluation Checklist and a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  • Sample Emergency Preparedness Plan covering Infection Control Surveillance, Communication Systems, Plan Activation, and Patient Care Planning
  • Infection and Prevention, including a Sample Infection Control Plan
  • Patient Education Materials/Tools This manual is approximately 160 pages and arrives in a type-able PDF file. The agency does have the right to convert the file into a Word document to make it more customizable.

Disaster Preparedness Toolkit

This toolkit is a companion to the manual/workbook and was designed to assist agencies in complying with the CMS Federal Regulations for Disaster Preparedness. It includes:

  • Sample policies for events such as evacuation, active shooters, ransomware, and transportation
  • Checklists for PACE, home care and hospice for compliance- readiness
  • Information related to HIPAA in a disaster, 1135 waivers, and cyber security
  • Various documentation forms, including documentation for coalitions and partnerships, and staff location

This Toolkit is approximately 250 pages and arrives in a type-able PDF file. The agency does have the right to convert the file into a Word document to make it more customizable.

To take advantage of this offer and receive BOTH products for $324:

  1. Link to the RBC Store HERE
  2. Scroll down to item number 611 — Emergency Disaster Preparedness Manual/Disaster Preparedness Toolkit CD-ROM Combo
  3. Add the product to your cart
  4. Register in the RBC store
  5. When provided the opportunity to REVIEW YOUR CART, please insert the following code in the State Code box: NAHCEDP
  6. Complete your checkout with payment information

NAHC has also produced a six-part webinar series called Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid-Participating Home Health and Hospice Providers. The webinar series, which originally aired this past June, must be purchased in its entirety and it covers the following subjects:

Including Lessons Learned, Home Health and Hospice’s Role in an Event, All-Hazards Approach, Components of the Regulation

Including Four Phases of Emergency Management, the National Response Framework, Incident Command System, and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

Continuity of Operations (Defining Essential Function, Succession Planning, Human Resources, Alternate Location, Defining Patient Populations, and Data Management)

Patient Classification Systems, Transportation Classifications, Surge Capacity, HIPAA/IT, Tracking Patients and Staff, and Roles and Definitions

Health Care Coalitions; Specific Hospice Requirements; MOUs; Government Emergency Telecommunications System; Collaborative Relationships with Local, State, Federal, and Indian Tribe Nations; Methodologies for Communication; and Utilizing the ICS in Communication

Annual/Orientation Requirements, Documentation of Training, Types of Exercises (Tabletop, Functional, Full-scale), After Action Report, Revising and Updating the Plan

Purchase the webinar series here.